The Problem

Modern energy companies must interact with various markets and counterparties with a plethora of technologies, data and processing requirements.

These markets require complex gathering, processing and dissemination of data, usually within tight deadlines.  Activities include preparation of bids and offers, nominations for supply and transportation, settlement, record keeping and reporting for internal and external stakeholders. Often this work is completed manually with spreadsheets or using in-house legacy applications that do not capture data in one place.

There is an opportunity for businesses to reliably automate their business processes, integrate legacy systems and to provide control around manual processes. The benefit is reduced effort, risk, training and key person risk while increasing the time available for staff to focus on optimizing trading and operational outcomes.

Energy markets require complex gathering, processing & dissemination of data, within tight deadlines.


The Solution

EnergyFlow is a platform that allows energy companies to meet the complex and time-consuming demands of continually evolving 24 x 7 energy markets.

Using the tools in the design console of EnergyFlow, users can define and configure their own operational, trading, reporting or integration workflows. This allows automation and simplification of the most complex trade and operational processes for gas, electricity and carbon markets. Processes definitions are centralized allowing controlled and reactive response to change.

  • Ready made templates for typical business processes carried out in energy including nominations, settlements and bid/offer preparation
  • User design console allowing your staff or EOL or its partners to define processes, calculations and business rules without coding
  • Automation of data gathering, cleansing and validation from sources such as in-house systems, market systems, counterparty and broker systems and external data sources
  • Built in time series database to capture time series data such as pool prices and demands, nominated, scheduled and actual energy data, weather data and plant data
  • Built in algorithmic language – tightly integrated to the time series database to allow user configuration of mathematical, statistical and logical calculations for use by automated processes
  • Built in adapters for regularly used interfacing technologies including web services, web sites, databases, email and document formats including JSON, XML, CSV, HTML, plain text and Excel
  • Full audit trail for design changes and process execution providing transparency and tracking of business activities



EnergyFlow is highly flexible and can be applied to a large variety of energy industry problems including: 

  • Operational management and settlement of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
  • A complete market solution for grid connected renewables such as wind and solar farms and battery banks including market compliance, market optimization and PPA settlement
  • Interfacing to Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) systems to collate complex input data such as meter data, perform complex settlement calculations and send results back to ETRM
  • Manage the full process of gas operations including gathering and calculating input data, performing balancing and optimization calculations and sending nominations to counterparties or markets
  • Prepare bids and offers for electricity markets with user defined business rules, using input data from plant, the market and forecasts and interfacing to internal or market dispatch and scheduling systems
  • Monitoring of market and plant conditions and execution of configurable actions – such as dispatching load shedding or plant start instructions via a variety of channels


The benefits of using EnergyFlow for automating energy processes include: 

  • Full configurability for even the most complex transactional process
  • Risk mitigation
  • Reduced manual effort
  • Increased and controlled response to change
  • Reduced training effort
  • Reduced compliance cost
  • Increased process transparency and traceability


EnergyFlow has a component based architecture:

Summary Features
Process Designer
  • Comprehensive and convenient user interface allowing customers to easily create and modify business processes
  • All changes are subject to role based security and full audit trail of changes
  • Calculations and logic are defined using natural mathematical and logical notation and functions
  • Processes are defined using industry standard BPMN 2.0 graphical notation
  • The design and configuration of processes can be carried out by appropriate staff – business analysts or super users – in a controlled manner
  • Calculations and logic are defined using clear arithmetical and logic calculations with clear symbols.  Staff can readily see and change business calculations. This is much safer than defining calculations in excel and more flexible and transparent than embedding calculations in compiled applications
  • Process changes can be made without reliance on vendors or technical staff
  • A full managed change process reduces process risk and increases transparency
Process Executor
  • Execute processes reliably
  • Visualise process execution state
  • Manage alerts, deadlines and exceptions
  • Supports interactive and batch processing with process initiation by schedule or triggered by external events
  • Provide customisable user interfaces for data or process interaction where manual intervention is needed
  • Staff can rely on processes executing reliably as required, with escalation to users as needed
  • Data and processes are automatically managed by the process and made available as needed to the right people or dependent systems
  • Operational staff are given interfaces to review or enter data in clear, controlled interfaces giving a positive and simple user experience. Risk, complexity and effort are reduced
System Adapters and Interfaces 
  • Data transfer services using standard protocols including REST Services, FTP, email, JDBC
  • Data transfer formats including JSON, XML, HTML, Plain Text and Excel
  • Integrate easily with third party systems including in-house systems, databases and market, broker and counterparty systems
  • Eliminate manual data re-keying activities reducing risk and effort and replacing laborious manual tasks
Energy Data Models
  • A time series database for capture of market data including flows, prices and plant data
  • A trade capture database for interfacing with ETRM systems or providing a complete settlement solution for small trade portfolios
  • Atomic data (numeric, string, Boolean) for simple data structures
  • Energy industry is easily captured, processed and visualised within EnergyFlow
  • The expression language is tightly integrated with the built in data models.   This means that calculations on data are defined in a natural and easy way that reduces risk of error and supports rapid solution to requirements and responsiveness to change
External Integration
  • A full REST service interface allowing external services to interact with and automate interactions with EnergyFlow
  • Calls to EnergyFlow can be automated by external systems including initiating EnergyFlow processes with data and receiving results back

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